Hello, My name is Xenia. I am located in Mumbai (Bombay) India. My Persian cats live in my home with me, and are my spoiled rotten babies. They are part of my family, and we all love them very much. Music is my passion and profession. I am a singer and photography is a hobby i like to pursue , so expect your Felinegrace baby to be used to the sweet sounds of piano and guitars, and of course the camera,shutter sounds, lights, flashes, and all the action. So precious to watch. The actual catwalk action by my super sweeties as soon as i set up my lights and cameras.


At Felinegrace we specialize in color points (with blue eyes), bi colors, solids, parti colors, chinchilla, shaded silver and golden persians with gorgeous coats and amazing emerald green eyes. The number one trait that I breed for is purrsonality!!!

Having my Persians and their babies is a testimony to the healing power of animals, to the comfort and joy they bring into our lives. I was introduced to the world of persians by Shaji of Leo's birthday kitten factory. Thank you Shaji for my first persian pets, Babaganoush, Tinkerbell and Bojangles. When i decided to start my hobby breeding program, i needed to be sure that my breeders came from excellent bloodlines and DNA tested negative for PKD (polycystic kidney disease).

Mine is a home owned closed cattery and all kittens are raised underfoot. No separate enclosures. Temperament and health are a top priority to me. My kitties are kept in immaculate condition, all in full coat.

I am selective as to whom my kittens are placed with, as any reputable breeder should be. My furry sweeties are raised with love and care from the time they are born so that by the time they leave my home, my entire family has an attachment to each and every kitten. With that in mind, please understand that I want to know about you, your home and your family. When inquiring about a kitten, I may ask you for a vet and/or other references, and you are welcome to ask the same of me.

There is nothing in my mind which competes for the wonderful sight of a fluffy persian cat curled up on the sofa, it looks cosy and gorgeous, but it spells work and dedication. Like any other long hair breed, the Persian cat is a“high-maintenance”,strictly indoor pet. Some need a different method of grooming than others. It is important to understand the build of the coat, and to groom it properly on a regular basis. You will find some helpful tips on our 'Persian Cat Care ' page. If you love to wear black, think again. Having said that, if you adore them it is quite a special feature where you often find the hairs in all kinds of places-some good and some bad like on your contact lenses. Persian Cats are also very clean animals. With proper daily care, you will not have to worry about pet odor. They don’t need to be let outside to relieve themselves. Their waste is contained in a litter box that is easy to clean. As long as they have enough food and water in their dish, they eat when they need to eat. If you have more than one, they can be left alone for long periods of time.

Contrary to popular opinion, persian cats can be trained and they have the most affectionate disposition. Most importantly, they do not slobber. Slobbering is particularly disgusting with affectionate pets who want to lick their owners’ faces. They never need to be chained to a pole in the backyard where they won’t dirty carpets. The fact that persian cats are such clean animals and are never loud or disruptive, does indeed make them the best pets. In conclusion, independent and quiet pets such as the Persian cat, can truly be enjoyed as house pets, and can provide their owners with years of hassle-free enjoyment.