My red shaded bi color
His Royal Ganoushness My Babaganoush. He is a red shaded bi-color male persian. After Cindy so amazingly touched my life,it all started. The whole love for felines and their ever so enchanting nature. Comanding never Demanding. So quiet yet full of fun and mischief around the house. Totally entertaining. And so,I decided to get myself a persian kitten. Not having much knowledge about the breed at that time,all i could picture a persian as, is long hair and has to be white with nice bright blue eyes. So i started a nationwide search for persian cat breeders. Fortunately for me, I found Shaji of Leo's Birthday,based in hyderabad who is a passionate hobbyist with a huge love for the persian


CINDY,As i lovingly call her,my first born feline baby.Cinderella was given to me by a friend who for unforeseen reasons could not keep her.I was actually asked to help find a good home for dear cindy.Why me? I had never held or touched anything of feline nature either as a pet or even otherwise. I say destiny works in mysterious ways.Cindy found her home with me and thereafter my life changed.So softly,So silently, and ever so smoothly that here i am with my website feline grace and a registered cattery name with the esteemedCFA. Also a membership with TICA.


MY DOLL FACE WHITE PERSIAN: Tinkerbell my eternal diva. She loves the camera and is quite the poser. Struts around the house pretty much like the queen of the castle. Extremely affectionate and loves to get her belly rubbed all the time. She has a special lounging place which you can see in the pictures. Its a crystal bowl into which she steps in and curls up ever so gracefully,without even tipping the bowl over,much to the amazement and awe of house guests. Tinker the cute little show off.This dainty little diva looses all the grace and poise whenever a teeny weeny bug or a fly invades her kingdom. It